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RAMM Account
« on: March 26, 2020, 01:24:52 am »
RAMM (Risk Allocation & Money Management) is a secure investment service that allows to get profit on financial markets by following trading strategies of experienced traders.

The main priorities of RAMM are:

reliability and usability,
protection of capital from sudden and unpredictable losses,
high accuracy of copying of trading strategies,
fair and transparent fees.
The service is suitable for experienced investors as well as for those just starting their acquaintance with financial markets. No special knowledge is required to use the service — RAMM will protect you from complexity of the finance world, leaving only the most important for your attention.

For experienced traders RAMM offers possibility to receive fee for sharing their strategies to investors all over the world.

Absolute accuracy of copying independently on the investment amount
All strategies in RAMM are copied with exactly and accurately to accounts of investors, independently on the investment amounts. You always get the same yield as you see in a strategy’s statistics. High accuracy is achieved by:

aggregation of orders coming from the trader’s and the investors’ accounts, leading to the simultaneous execution by the same prices for the trader and all their investors;
high precision of calculation of trading volumes required for investors in accordance with parameters of their investment.
Protection of capital
Special attention is paid to the capital protection in RAMM:

All invested money are kept on your personal account, and no one except you can withdraw them. All trading activity on your account is under your full control.
Each strategy in RAMM is protected from unexpected losses. The “Capital protection” attribute of a strategy shows the percent of invested capital that cannot be lost during one week.

For example, capital protection equal to 80% means that once the strategy loses 20% of funds during less than a week, all its positions will be automatically closed and the trader won’t be able to open new positions until the new week.

The protection of capital limits the risks, but not the yield. You can get a return that exceeds your risk by several times. Therefore, RAMM adheres to the well-known rule of invesing: “Risk less to get more!”.
For additional protection all positions in RAMM are automatically closed at the end of the week. This helps to avoid loss of major part of capital due to price gaps on market opening. You can feel safe about your investments and can redistribute your funds between different strategies without any obstacles on weekends.
Pay for real results
When investing in strategies in RAMM, you pay fee to the trader, owner of the strategy. You pay only when you get net profit. All strategy statistics and charts already include the fee.

Additionally, traders can set up turnover-based fee for their strategies, that will be paid at the moment of copying a trade.

The fee structure of a particular strategy is given on its Strategy Details page.

Instant withdrawal of invested money
In RAMM you can stop your investment and withdraw your money instantly at any moment. All positions that are currently open in your investment will be closed by current market prices. Closing of a single investment doesn’t anyhow affect the results of other investors in the same strategy.
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